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 GIS mapping in PHP: Part 1

Plotting a longitude / latitude coordinate on a raster map of the world using PHP and GD.  

 GIS mapping in PHP: Part 2

Loading vector data in from a Mapinfo MIF file and displaying it in an image using PHP and GD.  

 GIS mapping in PHP: Part 3

Retrieving user selected longitude and latitude coordinates from a raster map of the world.  

 GIS mapping in PHP: Part 4

Stepping back in time, we show how to plot more than one point on a raster map of the world, loading data from a simple text file.  
String Functions
 Truncating a string to the nearest word.  
PostgreSQL Functions
 Returning key of last added record. SQL
Display results of an EXPLAIN PostgreSQL query. SQL
Simple method of inserting a record into PostgreSQL from a web based form. SQL
 Create a drop down list from a SQL query. SQL
ODBC / MS Access and PHP
 Using MS Access and ODBC in PHP: Connecting to the database  
 Using MS Access and ODBC in PHP: Reading rows  
Misc. Functions  
 Stopping multiple form posts of same data in PHP  
Using output buffers  
Sending HTML content in an email  
Display an email address on a web page that cannot be copied or spammed. GD
Stopping scripts from abusing your pages. GD
Simple bar graph using GD and PHP. GD
Simple 3D bar graph using GD and PHP. GD
Drawing a filled rounded rectangle in with GD GD
Drawing a hollow rounded rectangle in PHP GD
Calculate distance between 2 sets of longitude / latitude coordinates GIS
Converting DMS longitude and latidude to decimal format and visa-versa. GIS
 Simple paging function with "next", "prev" and flexible "by page number" display.  
 Converts an IP address from a string to a positive integer.  
Custom index page with sortable columns  
Script to calculate your sites Yahoo page position / rank. SERPS
Script to calculate your sites Google page position / rank. SERPS
Script to calculate number of pages spidered in Google. SERPS
How to alternate background color of table rows.  
Using the header() function in PHP.  
Purge / delete all emails from a POP server in PHP. Email
Basic multi-purpose conversion table script.  
Very simple image replication using FTP and GD  
Creating "EXCEL" style column headers  
Extract all URLS from a webpage  
Creating a absolute path from a relative URL  
Using FTP in PHP.  
General Tips and notes
Converting video to 3GP via windows command line  
Linux tips and fixes  
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