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Creating "EXCEL" style column headers

Simple script to create spreadsheet style column headers, ie AA, BD, D1 etc ( column number to string and visa-versa )

The script allows for a custom character set, so you can use your own characters or remove the numeric characters

The example shows the 2 functions, one to convert the number to the string, and one to convert the string back to the number.


//  This allows us to use a custom character list

$characters "abcdefghijklmnopqrstuvwxyz1234567890";

// How many characters are dealing with

$depth      strlen($characters);



$sCol="" ;
$nCol >= 0)
$sCol $characters[$nCol $depth] .$sCol
$nCol floor($nCol $depth) - ;

// Return the string

return $sCol;

// This is the inverse function

function String2Number($sCol)
$nCol 0;
    for (
$nCol $nCol $depth + (strpos($characters,substr($sCol,$i,1))+1) ;