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Using MS Access and ODBC in PHP ( part 2 )

Once you have connected to the database and performed a query you probably want to return the data. The tidiest way to do this is to return the data in an associative array.

Now PHP already has a function that will do this odbc_fetch_array, however, I have had issues with this function on Windows with Access databases where it will not correctly return the column headings. So for a safe version, we create a custom function odbc_fetch_array_custom.

The other thing to note with ODBC and Access is that odbc_num_rows does not actually work properly, it tends to return -1, in which case the easiest way to return rows is to scroll through each row until you reach the end of the data.


function odbc_fetch_array_custom($id_res)

// Clear our return variable


// Get the number of fields in the returned result

$colnum odbc_num_fields($id_res);

// Fill an array with the column headers
// We do this here to save API calls.


// If we have a result

if (odbc_fetch_row($id_res))

// Fill our return array with the column data

for ($i 1$i <= $colnum$i++)
$ar[$field_name[$i]] = 





// odbc_connect_custom was in part 1

$connection_id odbc_connect_custom($db);

$query      "SELECT name,amount FROM monkey_types";
$result_id     odbc_exec($connection_id,$query);

// Do whatever we want with the row